Vehicle Tracking System

We, Asim Communication Pvt Ltd are leading providers for services of vehicle tracking in Delhi since year 2008. We are using the most reliable long-lasting European hardware and feature rich Indian web software for giving our vehicle tracking services. Our vehicle tracking system has been installed in more than 1000 vehicles till date and is presently running successfully in number of vehicles/ fleets. Our satisfied customers include Cab companies, Packers & Movers, Transport companies, Corporates and Individual vehicles owners. Our vehicle tracking/ fleet management system has resulted in increasing the fleet efficiency for our customers. It has also resulted in increase safety/security of the vehicles and vehicles of few of our customers have been recovered after theft using our vehicle tracking/ fleet management system. Our vehicle tracking system was installed in the vehicle of Israeli Embassy which was blown-off by Iranian terrorists in year 2012 and provided the last location of the vehicle/ location of the blast successfully resulting in immediate emergency actions.

We would be installing a small GPS enabled device in your vehicle in a hidden fashion which would find the location of your vehicle using GPS satellites and send the location coordinates to a web server using a GPRS enabled mobile SIM card where it would be suitably displayed on a map.

We would give you the login access to a website where you can locate the vehicle in real time on google maps along with the speed of the vehicle at all times. Also historical information like track taken on some back date, location at any back instance, speed at any back instance etc. can also be known.

We can configure basic hardware (Teltonika FM 1110), basic hardware with internal battery (Teltonika FM 1120) and water-proof hardware with internal battery (Teltonika 1202) with our vehicle tracking services as per the choice of the client. All of our vehicle tracking devices could be configured, diagnosed and troubleshooted over the air (OTA) through SMS. Also the firmwares of our vehicle tracking devices could also be updated over the air (OTA) through GPRS.

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